About Us

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About Us

The goal of the “Deaf Business Finder” website is to build a network of Deaf / Hard of hearing business owners, or service providers around the world.

This network will allow us to share resources, knowledge, and more with the goal of supporting one another leading to use each other’s business. We want more money to be flowing within or into our Deaf community.

Support Deaf-Owned Businesses

Looking for Deaf-led businesses to support?  Look no further! We’ve put together an ever-growing directory of D/HH Businesses. If you can’t buy something from every shop don’t worry there are ways you can support small businesses without spending money. Here are three ways you can support Deaf-owned businesses:

1. Buy from a Deaf-owned business.

The most obvious way to support a Deaf-owned business is to purchase something from their shop. We developed a list of businesses you can shop at the bottom of this blog, along with directories you can use to find even more Deaf-owned businesses!

2. Leave a review.

Small businesses need reviews. Reviews help people find the business, trust their products, and encourage them to make purchases. If you’ve bought something from a business before, please leave a review on Google, Facebook, or any site that business may be active on.

3. Follow, share, and subscribe.

Let your favorite Deaf-owned businesses know you’re a fan by following and interacting with their social media accounts. Engagements and impressions on social media help more people find their accounts, so something as simple as clicking “like” or “save” can help businesses get new customers.